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Three days of emails

Has it really been a week ago since I last updated this online journal? I've so much to write about, but so little time to do so.

Today I returned home after three days off-line.

It seems as if my world has changed.

My conservatory designer/sales rep called to ask how I was doing. I told him that a conservatory was a nice-to-have, but at the moment, I have to postpone it indefinitely or even possibly cancel the order. But in any case, he's still welcome to my summer soiree which I had earlier planned in celebration of the conservatory.

Emails from friends, ex-colleagues, ex-classmates, etc.... Only 20 out of some 200 were e-mail worth reading. That's 10%! The rest was spam. I just hope I don't delete e-mail that's not spam but look like spam.

Among all my emails, one was most interesting. I had asked a contact of mine for energy jokes. Well, he's two years late - but nevertheless sent me one that's worth sharing.

So I've created Jokes about Traders, and hope that this would invite similar submissions.

10 July 2002 Wednesday

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