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Family of friends

How does a person become a friend? Most Americans use the word "friend" loosely. Others believe that a friend only becomes so after passing "tests."

Over the years, my colleagues and neighbours have become my friends, as have their families and friends. Even in cyberspace, I can claim the making of new friends through exchange of emails and sharing of common interest and purpose.

Yesterday I arranged to see the family of an ex-colleague who came back to England recently. They were staying temporarily in a flat near my previous flat - my dream flat. I bought a roast duck in Chinatown to celebrate their return.

I was amazed that I could feel so at home with the family of my friend. After all we've only seen each other (family, that is) a handful of times. But it's not the number of times that counts. It's the quality time. Many events have brought us together. On September 11th, I was in the US, my ex-colleague was in London - away from his family.

Life has a funny way of closing circles. We learn from our experience. The grass isn't greener on the other side, but we will never know unless we venture to the other side.

Meanwhile, as my friends get married and become parents themselves, it seems as if my circle of friends get bigger and bigger.

6 July 2002 Saturday

a friend in need is a friend indeed

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