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Importance of feedback

Other than wanting to express myself, I also wanted feedback. This was the original purpose of my site after all. And in the process I also realised that feedback was all that mattered.

But feedback isn't always forthcoming. If you're not there, you might not get the reader's immediate reaction. Sometimes it takes awhile to reflect and react. Other times, lukewarm reaction just isn't worth the time wasted to describe. As for negative feedback, not everyone is willing to share it.

So what kind of feedback did I get when I sent out my farewell message? It seems people aren't willing to just say goodbye. They want to stay in touch. It's professional etiquette to do so, and everyone is so courteous and pleasant in this industry -- precisely the reason why it's so difficult to leave.

The energy industry will miss your humor and strong analysis. It won't be the same without your byline. Best of luck in your next venture. Please stay in touch.
founder, Boston-based energy IT company
It was good meeting you as well, and I look forward to perhaps crossing paths again in the future. Hope you enjoy your summer off too. Please feel free to contact me anytime in the future.
software director, Houston-branch energy IT company
Oh no! You can't leave... you are the only one who knows how to write a good, fact filled story! What are you plans? Any trips to Houston scheduled?
founder, Houston-based company
You've got a great relationship with that one headhunter you referred me to. Unlike many of my friends at Aquila and Dynegy who have been fired twice in four months, I'm not worried about you.
quantitative analyst, Massachusetts-based firm
I will miss you. But then again, you will be reborn in a new form of expression. Congratulations on your new beginnings.
marketing director, Texas-based energy IT company
Will really miss you, but wish you all the best. Will we still see you involved in energy and IT? Please stay in touch and let me know where you land.
public relations agency
It has indeed been a pleasure working with you and I know that whatever you do, or want to do you'll be able to just 'do it.'
sales director, New York based energy IT company
I visited your! Looks like you've been planning this move for quite a while. I wish you every success and I know you'll do so well. I'm going to visit it often just to keep up with you. I want you to know how much I've enjoyed our business relationship, and I hope we do keep in touch.
marketing director, Houston-branch energy IT company
Are you going to be heading back to work in a similar capacity anywhere? Or on to different challenges? I'll keep my eye on your site for info about you next concert. Hope to be able to make it.
marketing director, energy IT company

26 June 2002 Wednesday

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