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Meeting fans

"We want Ku! We want Ku!"

Back in high school, my friends and fans cheered for me to win. They hoisted me up and carried my horizontal body across the school lawn. It felt great to be admired, wanted, and loved.

Now in cyberspace, I find out through emails whether my self-expression via this site are appreciated. And when these fans meet me face to face, I'm the one who is awed

I know very little about those who are dedicated followers of analyticalQ, but they have read my diary and journal from cover to cover. They know what I look like, but not vice versa. Meeting them for the first time is like going on a blind date. I don't know what to expect. And I have to get used to their face and mannerisms.

But there are now two sides to analyticalQ: my self expression and those of others. Everyone needs to express himself. Eventually I'll meet those people who are simply fans of this platform, the idea of self-publishing and mutual critique. And they will get their own fans, people who are fond of their poems, art, music, and short stories. And my voice will simply be one of many, in the sea of fans.

15 June 2002 Saturday

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