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Before the Internet became such an essential highway, I used travel agents to help me find a flight. I would often be tempted by newspaper ads, only to find that the offers didn't exist.

Nowadays, I use various web sites to find a benchmark for a destination. I'd still call travel agents to get variations from the main theme.

Recently I came across the airline's version of - which has been advertised in newspapers everywhere. Indeed I found a much cheaper fare than on expedia. But it doesn't have the flexibility to do multiple destinations.

I wonder if travel agents can ever become extinct. They are super searchers. I can ask a travel agent,"What's the penalty for changing? Can I make a stopover? Can you hold the ticket until I call my friend to see if I can visit?"

When I'm travelling for personal reasons, I generally look for the cheapest fare. For long haul, I'm tempted to use my airmiles. But I've never found a good combination. Do I give up 60,000 airmiles to fly to see family when I could use it for an exotic tropical holiday?

I'm so tempted to become a travel agent for a month just to find out all their tricks. There always seems to be a cheaper fare until time starts running out. In the end, everything is relative.

28 April 2002 Sunday

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