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Rescue operation

Something was not right. The half-finished brick shed for the bicycle standing in front of my house has been built to my specification. The bricks have been perfectly laid. What's wrong?

Everyday I walked to my front window and looked out. I walked outside and looked at it. I looked down from my bedroom.

It looked like an upside-down skip. It looked like a big brick bunker, a brick cave.

One day I woke up, from yet another restless and mostly sleepless night. What if this brick monstrosity lowered the value of my house?

That's what's wrong! It might be functional, but it's an eyesore.

So I asked my builder to remove three layers of brick, defeating its purpose. When I returned home, it was slightly better. Then at 9:30 pm I called the 6th architect I had met. I was a damsel in distress begging him to come over.

He walked with me up and down my street. How can we make my front brickwork conform with the rest, and even blur into obscurity?

With a few measurements and pen sketches, he drew what looked like a cornered brick fence.

I instructed my builder to follow the sketch.

Now, instead of the biggest eyesore in the neighbourhood, it has become the most unique brick fence - designer style!

13 April 2002 Saturday

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