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First blossom of spring

My friend, the bachelor jetsetting professor, arrived from the airport with his laptop and carry-on suitcase. When asked to choose between Chinese vegetarian and pasta, he chose the former without hesitation.

Anyhow, there was no need to review our lives in the past three years. My life is captured on this web site, and his in personal emails. Instead I played my compositions while he read the magazine articles I had written.

We walked through three parks. As he told me about his travels and encounters with uninteresting women, I pointed out the different kinds of daffodils in bloom.

"The first flowers in the spring are the loveliest," he said.

They are pretty from a distance, all clustered together. But singularly, the daffodils are simple and plain. They are either white or yellow. Their centres are white, yellow, or orange. I wonder if women are like this - tempting from far away, but quite plain when you get close to them. No, this is not a good analogy.

Which flower am I? Not a rose with prickly thorns. A sunflower that wilts at night? Or a tulip with no scent? A chrysanthemum that brightens someone else's day?

One thing for sure, the English daffodils are lovely to look at from afar, just like the tulips in Holland..

17 March 2002 Sunday

"Professor is coming to town"
here is a parody to the tune of "Santa Claus is coming to town" written by a dedicated analyticalQ fan. Interestingly, he almost guessed the Professor's name right!
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