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What a joy to discover that a great deal of my web site traffic originates from music sites that link to mine. Checking the latest web statistics, I found six sites that generate the most traffic (on right).

Typing "" on Alta Vista, I found about a dozen sites that directly link to mine.

There are other parts of analyticalQ, such as my diary that is linked from Worldly Writers site, Artists journals, etc.

So submitting my web site to specific web sites as well as reciprocating links has paid off, in terms of increasing traffic and awareness. Writing articles with references to my site also works , but not the one I wrote about wedding music.

What I've discovered about people who visit music sites is that they are searching for free sheet music. More obscure music can be found by digging in second-hand music stores. Free sheet music on the Web is often confined to simple and well-known pieces. Visitors are also looking for feedback on their own work or specific advice.

Judging from the popularity of my transcription of the Theme from Titanic for flute and piano and more recently my Variations on Fur Elise, I think people are also looking for well-known pieces arranged in keys or levels that they can play. Too bad I am too busy now to arrange Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter for piano. But I heard that there's already a book out.

3 March 2002 Sunday

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