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It's that time of the year again when being single is not trendy.

One Christmas I boldly declared that I wasn't a Christian and did not celebrate it. But when Chinese New Year rolled around, I had no more excuses.

This holiday season, I decided to plan ahead. First, the Sicilienne Christmas on the 16th - a feast of music, mulled wine, and pasta. Next, I shall make traditional Chinese dumplings - from scratch. In fact, every single day is planned.... so that I won't be alone in my singlehood.

Lemondrops sent me an article today about how bachelors are no longer outnumbered by younger single women. This is an interesting turn of events, or rather, a turn of statistics. In one of my operations research courses, I recall working out the mathematics of why it's an uphill battle for a single woman to find a suitable male partner the older she gets. It goes like this:

The best men are already taken - like the low hanging fruit. The ones that are left can be categorised as workaholic and hidden away, divorced and disenchanted, playboy and fickle, and losers and hopeless. The age preference also goes against the tide, leaving more women to hunt for the fewer available older men.

But times change. Nowadays I meet many workaholics who don't have time to play. I'm tempted by the divorced but disenchanted. I can spot a fickle playboy a mile away. And hopeless losers don't have the courage to ask me out.

Equally I should say that I belong to the first category - a workaholic hiding in cyberspace.

21 December 2001 Friday

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