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Sheet music where art thou?

As a sightreader, I enjoy getting music I've not seen or heard before. Occasionally when I hear a piece I want to play, I wish I could find the piece easily. If it's a tune on the radio, it's not always easy to figure out how to spell the composer's name. New tunes and very old tunes are hard to find.

When I was preparing for the cat concerto party, I used Freepint's discussion board to get suggestions for cat themes. It was very effective.

Now I'm looking for siciliennes - and I should go to a specialist musician discussion board. But is there such a thing?

After getting many queries on my site, I decided it was time to put together a web page listing and commenting on the various places to get sheet music. The convenience of searching on the Web, one forgets that libraries also hold "free" music. Public libraries in Great Britain are excellent for such finds.

I prefer to visit the second hand book store on Bell Street (near Marylebone). I always end up spending at least thirty pounds and one hour browsing the chaos downstairs.

But right now, I'm desperately looking for Scarlatti's Sicilienne? Where are you hiding?

24 November 2001 Saturday

Searching for sheet music in London for starters.....