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Definitive chill in the air

Perhaps it was getting up at 6:30 am or that it had rained during the night - somehow it feels colder than before.

Going outside in my thin blue coat over a pale blue Laura Ashley sundress, I feel underdressed for the weather but overdressed for this time of year. It can't possibly be winter already!

The road to the tube station seems longer than before. I can feel the wind blowing through the sleeves of the coat. I can feel my legs shiver. It's not pleasant at all. The summer can't be over so soon!

How much sunshine and warmth do I want? How can I appreciate the good things without the contrast against the less so good? The seasons are here for a purpose. At least, I know what time of year it is.

Still, it's not fair that I only get to wear my summer dresses once each year. I tell my visitors to come only in July or August, where the standard deviation of temperature is minimal. Forget June - it's too unpredictable still. You can bet on September. But look at it now!

Perhaps the chill is a subtle reminder that it's time to bring my work inside. Give up the convenience of the notebook laptop and return to the coziness of a desktop computer. While the summer has been distracting, the rain, clouds, and wind have come back to settle me down to work.

After the UK bank holiday and the US labor day weekends, the colder weather has also returned to work.

4 September 2001

Autumn Shivers by Anne Ku