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mushroom risotto

salmon saute

my carrot cake

Calvados, Grapa

Bon Journal

Dinner and lunch

subtitle: a digital camera on trial

Out of the blue, Erik, a confirmed bachelor who made more than 38 international trips last year, invited me to his home for dinner. I was convinced that he would get it catered. As it turned out, he invited five people who became his guinea pigs.

I was surprised that he knew how to cook, or better, how to follow recipes. He had all the proper silverware, glassware, and cutlery. Even the starters were laid out perfectly. When questioned, he admitted that this knowledge was acquired from his travels.

Had it not been for my father's jetlag, we would have stayed past midnight. But alas - we would meet again the next day - for dim sum.

15 July 2001


dim sum at London Chinatown restaurant

we agreed to have dim sum everytime Clem's in town.