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Early morning fresh air

Early to bed, early to rise. That's my goal. But the cumulative jet lags led to late to bed and late to rise.

Until this morning.

I went to bed at 1:30 am yet woke up before 6 am. Why? Anticipation of a positive sort.

If everyday could be positively inspiring and attractive, then the saying will be "late to bed, but early to rise."

It's a nice to know that no one else is awake when I'm moving about. There's no competition for air space. It reminds me of my student days when I used to go to bed when the birds woke up. I only felt settled when everything else had quieted down. Night was when my day began.

I walked outside and breathed in the early morning air. It's fresh and unpolluted. It's young and innocent.

Afraid that the perennial plant with three purple flowers that my neighbour gave me last week would dry up, I had dug up a little hole last evening. Today I checked to see if it was okay. I had also dug up a little hole for my lavender plant.

While I have traditionally been a late night person, I've come to realise that perhaps it's better to worship the beginning than the end. I've forgotten the freshness of youth and the open mind that comes with it. Perhaps we have all forgotten how we have all begun.

Rather than looking back and counting all the mistakes we've made, all the regrets accumulated, why not look forward? If I live to be a hundred, then I'm not even half way there yet. Some might even say that I'm just learning to walk.

Yes, my early morning thoughts are positive. It is so refreshing to see that I have the entire day and the entire weekend ahead of me.

9 June 2001

Sunrise in Africa