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Internet World 2001

This year's event at Earl's Court, London seemed bigger than last year's. But I was told that it was only marginally bigger. I guess, the increase in variety of exhibitors and smaller booths gave the illusion that it was bigger.

This show travels around the world and keeps growing in size and breadth. Today I attended the free management briefings - the first one being the risk of e-business. This brought me to the subject of information risk management, and I went to the KPMG booth to find out more.

It seems quite overwhelming to someone who wants to have a web presence that there is such a variety of offerings. Are all of these necessary? secure payment, content management, search engines, wireless e-commerce, etc. The topics have become more specific. Even in e-fulfillment, there are many different types of vendors and consultants. It's all too confusing for the visitor.

I sat through ten minutes of a SingTel promotional presentation just to get a T-shirt afterwards. Otherwise, who would listen to someone talk about the glory of being the leading Internet provider in Asia? One lady had the gall to ask me if I'd carry their bag to help promote them. I replied,"I'm already weighed down by other bags. Why would I want to carry YOUR bag?"

What's more confusing than having so many exhibitors proclaiming their own uniqueness is navigating around a big hall with no North, South, East, West signs. I went around in circles trying to find my way out to Warwick Road, where I entered.

One saving grace - the last booth I visited was FastPartner Site - owners of alltheweb search engine. They claimed to be faster than their next competitor, Google. So I tested their search engine. Not only were they fast, they also had multimedia search engines. I was surprised to find a black and white baby picture of myself playing the piano when I searched on "All the World's a Stage" and clicked black and white photo. That surely made my day!

5 June 2001

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My friend Hiroko was the first person who told me about Internet World. Back in 1995 or so she said she was going to the event in Los Angeles. I had never heard of it. Unfortunately, she died of liver cancer in 1997 - too early to share these travel exeriences.