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Bon Journal

Nudist colony

Outside of Amsterdam, in the little town of Ilp
(I L P) is a thermal outdoor sauna that looks ordinary on the outside. It's actually exclusively Dutch and local.

And completely nude.

Clothing is not only not optional - but completely not allowed.

Unless you bring your own towels and bathrobes, you'll have to rent their white cotton ones.

There is only one big changing room - for men and women both to share. Downstairs, indoors, you find a heated swimming pool, a sauna, a rosemary herbal bath, a steam room, and a jacuzzi.

Outdoors, you see a deep cold tub for the sauna goers to jump into. Also: a hot jacuzzi big enough for four couples, two saunas with glass facing outwards, two swimming pools, and an outside area for people to sunbathe.

Waiters in uniform walk around serving beer, drinks, and snacks. All is charged to your name.

Swimming naked brings a new sensation - not unlike skinny dipping in a fresh water lake in Bali so many years ago. After all the freedom of splashing around in the nude, it's hard to return to the familiar world of male/female separation and worst of all, clothes.

26 May 2001

taken after the sauna experience, just outside the colony.