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Spring in Oxford

I sat in my garden with just an orange bikini top, a yellow cotton sarong, a straw hat, and my Audrey Hepburn sunglasses. Cloudless skies, direct sun - but only for an hour, before the clouds moved in from nowhere.

Spring actually arrived a bit earlier than today. On Monday, I went to Oxford and met a six-month old boy named Jake. He drizzled his saliva all over my face while tugging at my hair, as I held his solid body in my arms. I had played the organ at his parents' wedding almost six years ago. And I never thought one day I would be holding their first born.

On the way there, I wrote the following poem:

Fields of yellow
Fields of green
Leaves meandering
Down the stream.

Blue skies over
Flooded plains
Pastures empty
After the rains

From a bridge
Weeping willows,
Swaying in the wind
Home of Oxford fellows.

Ancient buildings
All around
Students, tutors
Thoughts profound.

4 May 2001 London

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