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Dot Coms are dot gone

courtesy of The Hungry Poet, Dec 2001

All my Dot Com ventures turned into Dot Goners. Here's my story...

It all began when I started a Web Hosting company, it was was a site for sore eyes;

Then I went into Web Advertising, but it wasn't such a hit after all, the banners just didn't ad up;

So I switched to VoIP Services, needed technology partners, unfortunately my connections weren't good enough, had access denied;

When I tried to develop a Search Engine, the search for Web Programmers crawled too slowly, I didn't find any;

I thought Videoconferencing Services could be fun, unfortunately the technology could not meet the requirements;

They said Online Music can be profitable, but it just didn't sound right, somehow I'm not hitting the right notes;

I ventured into Internet Security Services, seemed like I just couldn't hack it;

When I tried Online Gaming, my business partner played me out;

So I decided to go into Financial Services, but I couldn't find venture capital funding;

My friend invited me to partner in his Net Dating Service, somehow we did not see eye to eye;

It wasn't long before I ventured into Online Job Placements, but there were no responses, I felt so out of place;

And I was out of a job!


I realized Dot Com wasn't for me, so I opened a good old fashioned coffee shop...

Happily dishing out servelets of java brews and applet pies. Now my new business is a big hit, it's clicking like the stars and I'm making some good bucks.