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BORN in Taiwan and raised on the island of Okinawa, Frances Ku started drawing at the age of 3. After high school, she spent one year at Parsons School of Design in New York City to study fashion design, developing the skill of making the human figure come alive in art. Be it a diva gracing a tropical backdrop, a mermaid underwater, or a bamboo forest, Ku expertly handles the brush to the tiniest detail. Often told by her peers that her work is reminiscent of Gustav Klimt, the Viennese artist of the 19th century, she paints in both oil and watercolor to create colorful textures and moods.

KU paints with her imagination, transforming composition and color into emotion. "I love creating the kind of art that reverberates something within the soul of every viewer. Viewers then walk away from the painting like they walk away from a good movie. It lingers on their mind and they come back to see it again. The painting becomes unforgettable."

HER love for islands drove her to places such as Greece, Southeast Asia, Micronesia, and now, Maui. "The more beauty I see on earth, the more awed I am of God. There is singularly no other masterpiece than the handiwork of earth itself, or the universe for that matter."

WORKS of art by Ku are collected all over the world – bringing inspiration and pleasure to homes and offices in Maui, Oahu, London, Taipei, Okinawa, and San Francisco.

Watercolors of Frances Ku

Dreams from paradise ...

7100 7101 7102 7103
p7100small.jpg (866 bytes) Everlasting Love
w 15x20
p7101small.jpg (895 bytes) Petunia Paradise
w 15x20
p7102small.jpg (894 bytes) Valley of Dreams
w 15x20
p7103small.jpg (921 bytes) Tropical Sunrise
w 15x20
7104   7105   7106 7107  
wahini1small.jpg (3360 bytes) Hula Dancer
wa 9x24
black1small.jpg (3345 bytes) The Empress
wa 9x24
colours1small.jpg (2615 bytes)

Golden Palace
w 22x30

kimono1small.jpg (3533 bytes)

Geisha Girl
wa 9x24

7108 7109   7110   7111  
mermaid1small.jpg (3109 bytes) Mermaid Love
w 9x24
darkgirlsmall.jpg (2453 bytes) Moonlit Stranger
w 13x13
pink1small.jpg (2664 bytes) Meadow Maiden
w 9x24
red1small.jpg (3897 bytes)

wa 9x24

7112 7113   7114   7115  
purple1small.jpg (2596 bytes) The Gaze
w 15x20
flowerssmall.jpg (2091 bytes) Golden Sunrise
w 12x24
midtree2small.jpg (4272 bytes) Hawaiian Eden
w 11x14
midtree1small.jpg (4267 bytes) Glimpse of Paradise
w 11x14
7300   7301   7303   7119  

p7300small.jpg (3699 bytes)

postcard sample
p7301small.jpg (3305 bytes) postcard sample
p7303small.jpg (4478 bytes) postcard sample
trees6small.jpg (1765 bytes) Be Fruitful and Multiply
w 15x20
7120   7121   7122   7123
goodmorsmall.jpg (3451 bytes) Good Morning
w 15x20
coconutsmall.jpg (4237 bytes) Coconut Grove
w 10x12
butterflysmall.jpg (3174 bytes) Butterfly Damsel
wap 9x24
secretsmall.jpg (3620 bytes) My Secret Hideaway
w 18x24
7124 7125         Frances
empresssmall.jpg (3153 bytes) Empress of the Sea
w 18x24
courtesansmall.jpg (3568 bytes)

The Courtesan
w 22x30

diary entry ffor Frances

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  • medium: w = water color, a = airbrush paint
  • all dimensions expressed in inches
  • numbers in red: 16"x20" prints are available
  • f = framed. uf = unframed.

You can now create and send virtual postcards of the above paintings.