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Psychology of Multimedia

not teaching psychology using multimedia but teaching psychology of multimedia using multimedia

26 May 2000

Assignment due 2 June 2000


Note: RED means part of the 60% essay grade.

  1. Take 4 personality tests: test1, test2 of Myers-Briggs and Enneagram in KNOW THYSELF.  Submit the forms and print-out the results.  (Also save the results for your own purpose.)

  2. Write a 500 word essay on "psychology of multimedia" by surfing the Internet.  Describe how and what you found.  Write in the style of 3 articles on immigration, weather, and weddings.   Submit print-out as well as email the essay.

  3. Surf the net and choose 2 topics from MY TOPICS list below.  Choose 2 topics not from list.  Be prepared to argue your case at lecture two.

2 JUNE 2000

Assignments due 9 June

  1. Write a 500-word essay on websites on the topic you've chosen from MY TOPIC LIST. Find and discuss the best and worst sites. Establish a criteria in the beginning and evaluate sites based on it. Print. Email.

  2. Write a 500-word summary arguing why you chose the 2 topics NOT on the MY TOPIC LIST for the course project.  Show your interest.  Print. Email.

  3. Take the tests in the handout.  Not graded for correctness, only effort.

  4. Find out who "started" psychology in Leipzig, Germany.

  5. Summarise your lecture notes and email.

9 JUNE 2000

Assignments due 14 June 2000:

  1. Answers to last week's psychology questions. Please check against your answers.  Be prepared to discuss.
  2. Jakob Nielson: A Design for Life.  Read.   This will help you in Website evaluation and your own course project later.
  3. Magnetic sites - special report.  Read.

Read last two articles on psychology of multimedia (which are also available via the Internet) and write a memo (no word limit) summarising the main points to give the message to a busy senior executive.  They are

  1. Task Force Report:  Media Psychology and New Technologies (12 pages) at
  2. The Wedding of Psychology and the Media:   Taking a Look at the Ethical Imperative (8 pages) at

For those of you (5) who did not get these handouts, they are available from Nik who will be in the college Monday afternoon etc.

Optional - for extra points:   type up lecture notes and email to me.  This will help your grade, especially if you've missed any other lectures.  It will also help you when I start grading your essays along the following criteria:

  • presentation
  • spelling, grammar, typo
  • effort:  I can tell if you've only skimmed the surface
  • on-time
  • you did what was asked of you (of course)
  • adherence to word limit (if any)
  • value:  value of information, what insight have you added?

essay 1 results

Wednesday 14 June 2000

assigned from Lecture 3 but due at/by LECTURE 5

1,000 word (not including count of http addresses) essay on your course project topic - evaluating the best, average, and worst examples of websites in your chosen area; criteria you used.  Be prepared to present it via internet/overhead projector.  See Lecture 3 Powerpoint presentation for more.

Material for future lectures.  Help me find addresses of websites that (are/have)

  • optical illusions
  • colour psychology or imagery
  • UK internet access offers - compare pricing
  • forms allowing you to send email to someone
  • offer / bid services
  • comprehensive in databasing events
  • help make your life simpler, like reducing admin, consolidating your bills, one credit card for everything, etc.

Wednesday 21 June 2000

Assignment due Lecture 6 on 28 June 2000

Get handouts from the supervisors Tanja or Joe.

Read all.  Some are useful for your course project.

  • 1st page:  typical college course in psychology (syllabus and description)
  • 2nd set:  JOHARI's WINDOW and learner types
  • 3rd set:  controversies in psychology:    advertising, bias, psychometric tests
  • 4th set: using psychology in web design
  • 5t set:  psychology of email relationships
  • 6th set:  psychology of cyberspace romance

Write an essay on one of the three controversies in psychology articles.  See instructions on handout.


Wednesday 28 June 2000

No assignments from this lecture.  Only handouts.  Please get them from Tanja.

No lectures in the month of July.  Please spend it on catching up and handing in all your assignments - by email  and working on your course project.  Again, email to ensure you're on the right track.

If you have handed in your previous assignments, but don't see them displayed please email me.


Wednesday 2nd August 2000

Read both e-books on colour. They are available from the PC: C:\COLOUR\

Write a 500-word book review on one of the two. You may write a second book review (on the other book) in lieu of an earlier essay you've missed.


Wednesday 9 August 2000

Handout- full set for Psychometric Testing from Leture 5. Write 500 word essay (if you haven't done so for Psychology and Advertisement). Would you take such a test to get a job? Would you administer such a test for a new job candidate if you were the boss? Why or why not?

Past assignments that aren't shown on this website: create from existing format and attach htm files to email Anne.

Write a minimum 1,000 word essay to promote your course project in either of the following ways:

  1. Article for Freepint newsletter about your topic
  2. Marketing and promotional plan detailing how you would get people to visit your site. Discuss the kind of audience you would attract, where you would advertise, how you would promote, which search engines you would submit to, linking strategy, etc.

Submit your essay as an html file similar to other essays on this site.


Wednesday 16 August 2000

Submit your course project on a PC-compatible floppy disk. Present your course project in your 20-minute slot. See LECTURES for schedule.

Course Project Evaluation Criteria: content (value), usability (navigation, layout, cognitive economy, return visitors)