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Lau Yip Foo

Book Review

The Colour Voodoo #5: Colour Logic for Website Design by Jill Morton explains colour theories with much emphasis on the web without getting labor much details into scientific facts. In fact, the illustrations in the publication help a lot for the reader to visual some hard facts mentioned by the author.

In the initial part of the electronic book of Colour Voodoo #5, the author took us into the colour terminology where she explains several term to describe colour.

Later followed by the second chapter of the book, Colour Harmony, where the author explains how human perceives colour and the interactions between colour. She also gives several guidelines on creating colour harmony, which is useful for the web design. Diagrams and charts throughout this publication are really helpful as it helps to shorten the explanation and giving the reader a clear understanding of the subject matter.

Later the third and final chapter of the book, Colour Effects, examines the human psychology of colour. It gives several examples on the how colour interacts with each another and how it influences the human visual perception.

In Conclusion, the author gives ten tips of designing a practical web site. This is really helpful for those who have no background or academic studies on web. The tips given is the most relevant information and practiced by those professional web designers in the industry. Overall, this book provides a solid foundation on colour compositions as well as web designing. It inspires me the psychology of colour and helps me to have a greater understanding of colour in the context web design. Colour Voodoo#5 gives me the first experience of electronic publication. This is the electronic book which have the highest degree of colour accuracy when it comes to screen based display. As far as I concern, there is no printing technology can get the colour displayed on the monitor. However, I feel that this electronic publication had undermined the potential of the electronic media. There is not much of options or control given as I had experience in some other electronic products which have richer interactive elements. The navigation throughout the electronic book is almost the same as I turn the pages of a book. What I expect that it will more helpful if there are more links options and a better 3d visualization.