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E-book report

Color Logic for Web Site Design, J.Morton, 1998, COLORCOM

Writing review on the book that uses an information that is accepted by science and most of the people as true and non-controversial is a difficult task. The colour theory has been developed over the long time and the book just giving an account of the knowledge that has been generated.

Publishers of this book used the most comprehensive format for publishing an electronic book, Acrobat format allowed not only correct colour representation but also possibility of having nice layout. There is an extensive description for how to use Acrobat document and how to print out the document.

Structure of the book follows the logical path — from definitions to explanation of separate phenomena and to integration of the theory. Each chapter contains a substantial chunk of theory and gives the reader possibility to see with visual examples each theory bit that is discussed.

Navigation is easy and thanks to acrobat’s menu one can see whole content of the book.

As the book intended for students and practical use in design some tips are also given. Book is properly linked and contains bibliography list