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Color Voodoo#5: Color Logic for Web-Site Design by Jill Morton.Colorcom

This book is a guide for basic colour theories, and how they relate to the web to achieve successful design. This book is aimed at beginners who would like to learn more information and knowledge about good design.

Issues relating to colour, in itself is a very big topic that has great depths, of different areas, such as basic colour knowledge, colour and advertising, the psychology of colour etc. This E-book falls more to the side of colour relating to the internet and web page design The book is in the format of a Acrobat PDF file, which I feel is a very excellent form of presentation, because it not only gives good colour representation and easy on the eye because of its clean layout. The navigational system is also very easy to follow as you have links to desired pages etc. You also have the option to read it on screen or from a printout. The book gives very basic colour theory knowledge, and does not fall into the deeper scientific theories. I feel this gives the book a bit of a let down, because the knowledge that is being provided is of a very basic secondary level.

The book has a lot of illustrations, which I find very interesting and helpful, especially for someone who has very little knowledge of colour theories. It makes the book more interesting to read and also has a lot of colour, which helps boost the presentation. There are also a lot of charts, tables and diagrams which helps makes it easier to understand and easier to explain.

The author begins by covering the basic scientific theories about colour in general; she explains several terms about how to interpret and describe colour. The second chapter is all about colour Harmony which covers issues like how human react to colour through interaction and how we interpret colour. The book then moves on to teach how to create colour harmonies, which is very useful to produce quality design (for the Internet etc). The next chapter is about how colours effects human psychology, the way certain colours effect the way we see and feel. Finally the author talks about good design and to use it to produce quality web pages, giving tips and techniques to use to achieve a good level of understanding.

Overall I found this book interesting with useful information, about colour and how to use it correctly through a design point of view. Very clear, bright/colourful and easy to understand.