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Colour Voodoo #5 — Colour Logic for Web Site Design

Copyright 1998 by Jill Morton

PDF document published in 1998 by COLORCOM

ISBN 0-9679080-3-5

E-book review by Armin Weisheit

(Aug-2000) SAE technology college London


Day-in and day-out, colour is part of our live. More than we are actually aware off, it influences our feelings and the way we interact with each other.

Jill Morton, web designer and artist who has found her passion in the use of colours is the author of "Colour Voodoo #5 — Colour Logic for Web Site Design".

The unique feature of this publication is that Colour Voodoo is an electronic book (Adobe Acrobat PDF). What makes it different and unique from other books about colour and design, is the inclusion of more illustrations than text. Instead of the usual long winded verbiage about colour theories, Jill Morton puts the focus on graphics to communicate the concepts. Another exceptional feature is the high degree of colour accuracy achieved by the electronic format, one which is unattainable or too costly in print. Finally, Colour Voodoo #5 is extremely affordable since electronic publishing has freed authors and designers from the expenses incurred by the print process.

The first part of the book takes the reader on a clear, concise, rapid-paced and fully illustrated review of colour terminology, then on to the next section on colour harmony. Jill Morton talks about the effective use of colour harmony and how to apply it when building a web site, to keep visitors at a web site and to help them quickly understand site navigation, layout and content. Each of seven colour harmony diagrams is fully illustrated by colour wheel mapping, swatches of representative combinations, and examples of design in both dynamic and subtle harmony versions. The section on Colour Effects demonstrates how colour interaction and movement affect site design, so a designer can use them to advantage, moving a viewer’s eye through a web page. Colour Logic for Web Site Design takes theory to application.

This book provides a solid foundation in colour usage and web site design, it helps the reader to discover the real symbolism of colour and how to profit from successful colour communication in the work they do.

Colour Voodoo #5 is very impressive in its contents and design and obviously reflects a lot of hard work. It is exactly what I would expect from a book of this topic and just what I have been looking for, for a long time.


E-book review by Armin Weisheit