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I'm so reluctant to part with these books, but it's time to let go. All books will be priced individually, very attractive to the interested reader.


Rough Guides: Kenya, Scandinavia, Peru, Berlin

Let's Go: Germany

Lonely Planet: Mexico, Colombia

Indonesian Handbook

Mexico By Rail


Man in the Iron Mask

Anna Karenina


Positively You by Jinger Heath, hardback - this book re-charged me after a lull in my life. Highly recommended.

Let the Magic Begin by Cathy Lee Crosby, paperback. Another recharging, empowering read.

Women Living Single, 30 women share their stories of navigating through a married world, by Lee Reilly. I read this a few years back when I was considering whether to remain single. Women's perspective.

Be Your Own Dating Service, a step-by-step guide to finding and maintaining healthy relationships by Nina Atwood, paperback. Includes stages of love, looking for love, .... all the way to choosing a life partner.

True Love, stories told to and by Robert Fulghum. Not a self-help book, but true love stories that will make you cry!

Fiction, Novels:

Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks, paperback. This love story was made into a movie starring Robin Wright and Kevin Costner.

Perfume by Patrick Suskind, paperback. A historical mystery with a twist.

Presumed Innocent by Scott Turrow, paperback. Another mystery, great for the beach.

Sophies Choice by William Styron, paperback. If you haven't seen the movie starring Meryl Streep, you better read this book - a classic!

Fear of Flying by Erica Jong, paperback. A classic, but it's not about flying airplanes.

I'll Take It, by Paul Rudnick, paperback. Very funny, about New York.


Chaos by James Gleick

The Sciences of the Artificial, by Herbert A. Simon, paperback 2nd ed. Thought-provoking classic by the famous author - psychology, computers, man, machine.

Mind-Storms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas, by Seymour Papert, paperback. Including - fear of learning.

How to Read the Financial Pages, a simple guide to the way money works and the jargon, by Michael Brett, paperback. A layman's guide to reading and understanding the financial press. It assumes no existing financial knowledge. Extensive glossary.

The Decision Makers, the people and methods of great achievement, by Robert Heller, paperback. Excellent case studies of leaders classified into innovators, expansionists, improvers, planners, salvationists, and competitors.

Complexification, explaining a paradoxical world through the science of surprise, by John L. Casti. "a uniquely diverting and thought-provoking introduction to the science of surprise." of chaos, catastrophe, paradox, illusion.

Immigration & nationality law handbook, a user's guide to the system of British immigration, nationality and refugee law, 1995 edition JCWI.

Lots more books - nonfiction, technical, references in finance, economics, mathematics, physics, engineering.